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                                   Tarzan, the Tiger
                              Chapter 1:  Call of the Jungle

Studio:  Universal     Released: 1929     Directed by: Henry MacRae  

Tarzan: Frank Merrill    Lady Jane: Natalie Kingston   Queen La: Lillian Worth  Al Worper:  ???

Opening scene:  On a plantation, near the edge of the jungle

Characters:  Earl of Greystoke, alias Tarzan; Lady Jane; Al Worper (who pretends to be a scientist)

Special Situation:  The serial is silent, except for dubbed in music and some sound effects.  There is no voice except the pathetic Tarzan yell throughout the serial.















The Earl, Lady Jane and Al are all sitting in the living area of the manor discussing Tarzan's last jungle adventure.
La, who is the Princess of the Sun Worshippers, is the leader of a native tribe bent on sacrificing people to the sun god.  They bring in Lady Jane who is just as bent on staying alive.  They tie up Lady Jane on a stone table where La is about to kill her with a sacrificial knife.  La's committed to having Tarzan for herself and perish the thought of sharing him with Lady Jane.  She vows to have no other mate but Tarzan.
Meanwhile, Tarzan is now mad as hell and can't take it anymore.  He yells for Tantor, his large, faithful and friendly elephant.  Get this-- Tantor tells Tarzan where Lady Jane is so he sets out to rescue her.  As our hero, shows up at the cave where the sacrificial ceremonies are taking place, he enters the cave just as La is about to bring down the knife into some part of Jane's anatomy.  He grabs the knife away from La, unties Lady Jane, fights off a hoard of La's boys, grabs Jane and heads back to the plantation.  As the flashback draws to a close, La vows to follow Tarzan to the ends of the earth to get him back.
The three discuss Tarzan's proposed trip to the Temple of Opar.  The Earl is anxious to go but Lady Jane sees Tarzan's knife fall from his  briefs  hanging from the wall, considers this a bad omen and asks him to give it up.  About this time, Al, who feigns tiredness, heads for his sleeping quarters but in reality  hides behind a curtain listening to the conversation between the Earl and Jane.  Tarzan says that he needs to get the gold from the temple to prevent the sale of his estate back in England but Jane fears that he will not come back alive or that La will take him to La La land.  The Earl counters by saying  that he will begin his journey to the temple tomorrow night.  The scene ends with Tarzan grabbing his Tarzan garb  and knife to don for his trip on the morrow.
SCENE:  A slave mart a few hours north of the plantation.
Achmet Zek, a nomad chief, also an enemy of Tarzan, watches as slave women are being sold at the square.  He visualizes Lady Jane being one of the slaves about to be sold.  Our phony scientist, Al, approaches Zek and tells him that Tarzan is heading to the temple tonight to get the gold.  Zek tells Al to follow Tarzan while he will be making a house call for Jane at the plantation.
Tarzan begins his journey to Opar but senses the approach of his old enemy, Numa the Lion.  All the while, Al is following Tarzan.
Back at the plantation, people are starting to disappear like towels in a hotel, as Zek makes his way with a couple of his cronies to locate the room where Lady Jane is residing.  Jane, upon hearing a commotion outside, turns out the lights.  She must have forgotten to lock the door as Zek and his henchmen open the door, snatch her and they take her off to Zek's camp.
Meanwhile, Numa, the lion, catches up with Tarzan.  They both begin fighting each other while Al stands around and scratches some itch.  Ed. Note: I think it might be the other way around.  Al itches for some scratch - the gold at Opar.
Will Al save Tarzan from the clutches of Tarzan's enemy Numa?
Will Lady Jane escape from Achmet Zek's clutches?
Will La ever see her beloved Tarzan again?
Will Tarzan quit yelling that pathetic Tarzan yell?

                                  End of Chapter 1

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