The Day the Earth Stood Still Quiz - DESS 

Who Is It?  Trivia Game ----------- WII 


Can you identify the other half of the team? It may be a man and a woman or it may be a comedy team (consisting of 2 men or 2 women or a man and a woman).

Answers are posted on the Answer page.

 1. Ozzie Nelson                   A. Basil Rathbone

 2. Freeman Gosden           B. Paula Winslowe

 3.  Charlie McCarthy         C. Charles Correll

 4. Jack Webb                      D. Fred Allen

 5. Margo Lane                   E. Joan Alexander

 6. Jim Jordan                    F. Betty Garde

 7. Portland Hoffa              G. Edgar Bergen

 8. William Conrad            H. William Boyd

 9. Benita Hume                I. Phil Harris

10. Andy Clyde                 J. Bernadine Flynn

11. Billy Jones                   K. Harriet Hilliard

12. Alice Faye                   L. Marian Jordan

13. Mary Livingston       M. Norris Goff

14. William Bendix         N. Georgia Ellis

15. Don Ameche             O. Ronald Coleman

16. Karl Swenson           P. Frances Langford

17. Chester Lauk           Q. Ben Alexander

18. Nigel Bruce              R. Ernie Hare

19. Art Van Harvey     S. Lamont Cranston

20. Bud Collyer            T. Jack Benny



Name the Old Time Radio character and identify the radio program on which it was heard.  Answers are found on the Answer page.

 1.  Lee...eee...eee...roy!

 2. That's a joke, son.

 3.  ...... ......, where the elite meet to eat!

 4. Whyyy, Daddy?

 5. Coming, Mother!

 6. Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!!

 7. What a revoltin' development that is.

 8. Wanna buy a duck?

 9. Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

10. Don't open that closet, .....!

11. It was Tuesday, January 3rd. It was cold in Los Angeles. 

12. Ah'll jus' whiz right on ovah deah.

13. I'm a baaaaaaaaaad boy!

14. I am the ....... and I know many things for I walk by night.

15. Who's buried in Grant's tomb?

16. It is I, ..... ....., your friendly undertaker. 


Match the radio character to the actor.  Answers are found on the Answer page. 

 1. Mortimer Snerd                        A. Jim Ameche

 2. Boston Blackie                           B. Bret Morrison

 3. Willie Lumplump                      C. Edgar Bergen

 4. Connie Brooks                           D. Marie Wilson

 5. Nick Carter, Master Dective   E. Elliott Lewis

 6. Randy Stone                              F. Eve Arden

 7. Chester A Riley                         G. Lon Clark

 8. Jack Armstrong                        H. Gale Storm

 9. Hop Harrigan                             I. Richard Kollmar

10. Ellen 'Young Widder' Brown  J. Frank Lovejoy

11.  Irma Peterson                         K. Florence Freeman

12. Margie Albright                        L. Virginia Clark

13. Lamont Cranston                     M. Chester Stratton

14. Helen Trent                               N. Red Skelton

15. Frankie Remley                        O. William Bendix



Can you match the rider to the horse? Answers are found on the Answer page.

 1. Roy Rogers                          A. Panther / Partner

 2. Gene Autry                         B. Koko

 3. Smiley Burnette                 C. Bullet

 4. Whip Wilson                        D. Diablo

 5. Lash LaRue                         E. Sonny

 6. Wild Bill Elliott                    F. Trigger

 7. Hopalong Cassidy               G. Thunder / Black Jack

 8. Cisco Kid                              H. Champion

 9. Pancho                                  I. Fury

10. Rex Allen                             J. Lightening

11. Tom Mix                              K. Reno / Rebel

12. Johnny Mack Brown          L. Tarzan

13. Straight Arrow (radio)      M. Black Diamond

14. Monte Hale                         N. Tony

15. Tex Ritter                           O. Topper

16. Durango Kid                        P. White Flash

17. Tim Holt                              Q. Raider

18. Ken Maynard                      R. Ringeye / Nellie

19. Harry Carey                        S. Loco


Can you match names in the left column to the family name in the right column?  Answers are found on the Answer page.

 1. Frank Morgan                              A. Aldrich

 2. Marian Jordan                             B. Berlinger

 3. Alice Faye                                     C. Blythe

 4. Jeff Chandler                                D. Borach

 5. Eddie Cantor                                 E. Driscoll

 6. Fanny Brice                                  F. Grossel

 7. Jack Benny                                   G. Hoctor

 8. Milton Berle                                 H. Itzkkowitz

 9. Lionel Barrymore                        I. Kubelsky

10. Fred Allen                                   J. Lake

11. Ann Southern                             K. Leppert

12. Ethel Merman                            l. McNulty

13. Harriet Hilliard                           M. Sell

14. Hildegarde                                   N. Sullivan

15. Gale Gordon                                O. Wupperman

16. Dennis Day                                  P. Zimmerman 

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