Tarzan, the Tiger
                               Chapter 7 - In Deadly Peril!








As we open chapter 7, Tarzan and Tantor the elephant had just smashed through the gate of the village looking for the woman (Lady Jane) who is suspected of taking his pretty 'pebbles'.  He barely makes it inside when he spots a woman riding off with an Arab on a camel.  The chase begins.
Meanwhile, the band of raiders who helped Al capture Lady Jane spot Al standing near the auction block and decide to ask Al for their share of the jewels for the job they did for him.  They chase Al into an alley and corner him.  They tell Al that they saw the slave woman (Jane), give him a pouch and that they want their share of the jewels NOW.  They reach inside Al's shirt and remove a pouch.  They open it up to reveal the contents.  To their utter dismay, they find nothing by river gravel.   Ed. Note: Lady Jane did have the smarts to pull one over on Al, after allTwo of the three raiders decide that they had enough and leave.  However, Al talks the other raider into going with him to track down the slave woman to find out where the jewels actually are.  They mount their horses and ride out after Jane and her Arab companion.  After a time, Lady Jane hears the trumpet call of Tantor and yells out to Tarzan.  As he gets close to the camel, he jumps off, runs for a vine and swings up in the nick of time to knock the Arab from the camel to the ground.  He struggles with the Arab for awhile and then puts him in a headlock and chokes him to death.  Tarzan then runs up to Lady Jane and he is as mad as a wet hornet.  He says, "Give me back my pretty 'pebbles'".  But she says that she did not take them.  She reminds Tarzan that she is his wife.  Tarzan says that he has no wife and that she is a total stranger.
At that moment, Al and the raider arrive and the raider wants to shoot Tarzan but Al thinks that it would be better if he missed his mark.  He shoots and knocks a small branch off a tree near where Tarzan is standing.  Tarzan grabs Jane and they both enter a cave that is currently occupied by a pride of lions.  They enter a room and Tarzan seals the doorway as best he can with a huge rock.  He asks Jane again for the 'pebbles' but this time she tells him that they are located in a hut in the jungle for safety.  She also tells him that he is Lord Greystoke and that she is Lady Jane Greystoke.  She grabs his knife and points to the crescent and tells him that this is the Greystoke crest.  He thinks all this over for a long time.  He remembers a hut but as for Lord Greystoke and Lady Jane, he remembers nothing.  She asks Tarzan to go to the hut so they can get the 'pebbles'. 
Outside the cave, Al talks to the raider and they both decide to enter the cave to search out Tarzan and the woman.  They locate the blocked door and through a crack they see Tarzan and Jane.    As the raider slowly pokes a rifle into the crack in the doorway, Lady Jane spies something and yells to Tarzan, "Look, Look".  But Tarzan, looking in a different direction, spies a pair of white eyes in a distant corner of the cave.
Will Tarzan and/or Lady Jane be killed by the raider?
Will Tarzan escape a bullet only to be torn apart by a lion?
Will Lady Jane survive all this only to be sold again at another auction?
And will that pea-brained husband of hers ever regain his memory or will he end up in the clutches of Princess La and her band of Sun Worshippers?
And then there's poor Tantor who should have stomped on them all when he had a chance.

                                      END OF CHAPTER 7

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