Tarzan, the Tiger
                              Chapter 14 - Tarzan's Rage!









Tarzan, who has regained his memory, and is now Lord Greystoke, arrives at the ceremony of the Sun Worshippers.  He spies Lady Jane near the stone ceremonial table and yells out to her, "Jane, my wife! "  La's ruffian's rush forward with their spears in hand to capture Tarzan but he breaks the spears in half, bashes some heads and rushes to Jane's side at the altar.  He plants a buss on Lady Jane.  She tells La and her rummies that Tarzan has regained his memory and that she will lead them to the lost treasure of Opar.  The chief tells them that if she can do this, they shall go free, but if she lies, they are both doomed.
Al runs off through the jungle to tell Anneasley, Greystokes cousin who is now plotting a takeover of the Greystoke Estate in England.  He stops to rest on a log and fondles his jewels, stolen from Tarzan when his memory slipped.
The group arrives at the hidden Jewel Chamber where they see a massive chest in the middle of the room.  Tarzan, using all his strength, opens the lid of the chest to expose all the remaining jewels of Opar and everyone is utterly amazed.  Tarzan now remembers that he came for gold and jewels to save his estate in England. "The search has brought us grief and misery.   The treasure doesn't mean anything as long as your love for me has been restored along with your memory", Jane tells Tarzan.  La looks at them both with disdain.  "Your love is the greatest treasure I can have", Tarzan says.  The chief, in all his wisdom, says, "The prophecy is fulfilled.  We will seal the Jewel Chamber forever".  He sends Tarzan and Jane packing.  La stops them for a minute to tell Tarzan, that she had loved him and asks that he not forget her.  Ed. note:  "Fat chance", he thinks. She tells Tarzan, "You will return some day".  Tarzan tells her that they may return some day. 
The Greystokes begin their trek into the jungle, while some distance ahead, Al is staggering around like a drunken sailor on a ship in a storm.  Tarzan sniffs the air and gets wind of a skunk that's been dead for 3 days.  He picks up a scent of Al and tells Jane that our friend Al is near.  She tells Tarzan that Al is our enemy, not a friend.  She blurts out that Al stole the jewels from him and that he sold her in the slave market.  Tarzan becomes buggy-eyed at the thought.  He flexes his muscles and grizzes like a man with an enima overdose.  He climbs a vine to the top of a tree and gives out a few pathetic Tarzan yells.  Ed. Note: Just why Tarzan does this I don't have any idea except to warn others that he is around.  Why give away your position of surprise.  I think he still has a few loose screws floating around there somewhere. Anyway, Al hears his yell and realizes he is in big elephant do-do.  All the wild beasts within 25 miles hear him yell and make a beeline for his location.  Tarzan climbs back down the vine to the ground.  Al, tired as a dance couple in a 5 day marathon, sits on a log to rest but he sees a tiger coming his way and decides to make hay while the sun shines, in other words, get moving while he still has his legs still intact. 
Back at the Greystoke home by the edge of the jungle, Annersley waits for Al.  A house servent tells Annersley that Lady Jane went to search for Lord Greystoke when he did not return with the Jewels.  They must have parished in the jungle.  Annersley tells him that he is the new master of the Greystoke estate.  He writes a cablegram to Sir Beardsley that Lord Greystoke and Lady Jane are dead and that they did not get the money for the estate.  He will return soon to London.
Al staggers into the Greystoke home being held up by the houseboy.  After a quick glass of Port, Annersley says, "I have been waiting for you.  What happened to you anyway".  Al says, "Your wish has come true, Lady Jane and Lord Greystoke are dead". "Have you got the treasure?  The title is worthless without the gold to uphold it", Annersley states.  "There is no treasure, it is all a myth", Al reports.
Al, up to his old tricks, feigns illness and drops the jewels on purpose while pretending to pass out on the sofa.  Annersley sees the jewels spill from the bag and reaches down to the floor to retrieve them, when Al grabs his knife to plunge into Annersley's gizzard.  Annersley is too smart for Al's shinnagans and grabs Al's arm and begins a life or death struggle on the Greystoke floor.  Annersley retorts, "Al, you are a thief and a double-crosser".  Al compromises by saying, "There is a chest of jewels back at Opar but you won't find it if I am harmed in any way".
Lord Greystoke and Lady Jane arrive at the jungle house and for some unmentionable reason Greystoke gives out a yell of vengence.  Ed. Note:  Again, the big man is giving away his position to anyone within hearing distance. Al and Annersley hear the yell from inside the house and Al begins quaking in his boots.  Al pretends to leave but hides around the corner watching.  Greystoke and Jane make their way into the living room and are surprised to spot Annersley sitting on the sofa.  Lord Greystoke goes over to greet Annersley and holds out his hand in friendship but Annersley refuses his greeting.  "Don't you know me, I am Lord Greystoke", he says.  "Not any more, I am Lord Greystoke", Annersley says.  Ed. Note: Now isn't that a fine how-do-you-do?

Will Al come out of his hiding place long enough to stab both Lord Greystokes and run off with the bag of jewels?
Will the phoney Lord Greystoke arm-wrestle the real Lord Greystoke for the rights to the Greystoke Estate?
Will La feel sorry for Tarzan and Jane and give them the jewels of Opar so they can pay off their mortgage on their England estate and live in splendor for the rest of their lives?

Will Lady Jane tire of all this one-upmanship, find a gun, shoot the lot of them and run off with Sir Beardsley?


                                               END OF CHAPTER 14
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