(a cliffhanger serial - 1935)

Produced by Sherman S. Krellberg
Directed by Harry Revier
Story by:  Zelma Carroll; George M Merrick; Robert Dillon

Actors:  William (Stage) Boyd  as Zolok
  Kade Richmond  as Bruce Gordon
  Claudia Dell   as Natcha
  Josef Swickard  as Manyus
  George F. Hayes  as Butterfield
  William Bletcher  as Gorzo
  Eddie Fetherstone  as Jerry
  Milburn Moranti  as Andrews
  Margot Duse   as Queen Rama
  Jerry Frank   as Appolyn
  Ralph Lewis   as Reynolds
  William Millman  as Colton
  Gino Corrado   as Ben Ali
  Sam Baker   as Hugo

                                                                                                 CHAPTER 2 of 12

                                                                                             TUNNEL OF FLAME

Scene:  Zolok’s Lab:  Zolok coerces Natcha to cry help and scream into a microphone so Gordon’s party will hear her.  As they both watch on a TV monitor, Gordon and Jerry enter the hut.  The hut door closes behind them and they fall through a trap door.  Zolok gives out an evil laugh as he continues to watch them from his lab.

Gordon and Jerry slide down a long chute. They land in a metal room with a   metal door covering the chute.  It closes tight to prevent any escape.  A bright spotlight appears on the floor and moves to the edge of the room.  Suddenly a door opens and Gordon and Jerry enter and make their way down a long corridor with giants standing on both sides.  They all appear to be in a trance and do not move from their positions.  As they continue to walk, Jerry comments that the hall they’re in reminds him of a subway and Gordon agrees.  They spot another door and enter it only to see Zolok who invites them in.  He tells them that he is of the Agrarian race and that they are in the Lost City where he is Master.  After listening to Gordon, he learns that his experiments are affecting chaos in the outside world.  Zolok is beginning to enjoy these accomplishments based on the hard work he has done.  He asks Gordon if he is familiar with electricity.  Gordon says that he is an electrical engineer.  Zolok offers to show to show him his lab then tells Appolyn to get a giant to show Gordon and Jerry his city.  Hugo, the giant, begins to lead them down the corridors of the city.  Ed. Note:  Hey, whatever happened to Pierre?

As Appolyn returns, Zolok tells him that he wants the magnetic detector that Gordon has invented.  He will threaten to put Gordon into the enlarging machine if he doesn’t cooperate.  He will become the first ‘white giant’.  Ed. Note:  The one they ought to toss in the enlarger is Gorzo.     At 4'3", he could use a little beefing up.

Natcha spots Gordon and Jerry walking behind Hugo in the corridor and gets their attention.  They peel off from Hugo, who is oblivious only to his command and destination, and start to talk to her.  She says that she will show them the way out if they will lead her and her father Manyus out to safety.  She takes them to his lab. 

Natcha introduces Gordon to Manyus.  Zolok knows they are there and speaks to them via a loud speaker.  He tells Manyus that Gordon is an electrical engineer and has a magnetic detector.  Gordon asks Manyus to shut off Zolok’s ability to see and hear him.  Manyus made an invention that would do just that and puts it into effect.  Gordon knows now that he was watched at his own lab by Zolok.  Natcha tells Manyus that Zolok tricked her into bringing Gordon and Jerry to Zolok’s lab.  Gordon briefs Manyus about the disasters throughout the world.  They agree to work together to stop Zolok.

Scene:  Zolok and Appolyn:
Gorzo brings Reynolds and Colton into the lab to see Zolok.  Zolok accuses them of being spies.  They say they are not spies and tell Zolok that they are here to determine what is causing the electrical disturbances throughout the world.

Scene:  Natcha, Manyus, Gordon and Jerry:
Gordon asks them why they hadn’t tried to escape.  Manyus says only one has escaped.  Zolok has about 100 death dealing devices at his disposal.  Natcha reasserts her request to escape with Gordon.  He asks Manyus to take him to the amplifier.  Manyus says that the giant won’t let him out of the room.  Ed. Note:  What?? No bathroom privileges?? Natcha says that she will take him there, apparently she has the run of the ‘city’.  Gordon asks Jerry to stay with Manyus and that they will return shortly. 

Scene:  Gorzo, Zolok, Reynolds and Colton.
Zolok asks Gorzo to get Appolyn to prepare the enlarging machine.  He turns on his television communication only to get static.  He asks Reynolds and Colton to leave.  They turn and begin to walk toward the door when Zolok pushes a button and they disappear through another trap door into a different metal room.  When they reach the room, they look through a barred window to see a giant standing guard outside. 

Scene:  Gorzo and Appolyn are making the enlarging machine ready for action.

Scene:  Manyus and Jerry: 
Manyus tells Jerry about a freezing gun that he invented.  Gorzo and Hugo enter to take Manyus and Jerry to Zolok’s lab.

Scene:  Amplifier Room:
Gordon enters the amplifier room to retrieve the amplifier while Natcha stands guard from outside.  Natcha sees Appolyn coming and warns Gordon.   He arrives and sees Gordon with the amplifier.  Gordon hands Natcha the amplifier and they begin a
fist fight.  Appolyn yells out for Hugo’s help while Natcha runs out with the amplifier.

Scene: The enlarging machine in Zolok’s lab.
Zolok orders Gorzo to take the giant Boyo to his quarters and orders Manyus to go over to the controls.  Hugo enters Zolok’s lab with Natcha.  Hugo has Gordon in his grasp.  Zolok sends Hugo outside the room. Zolok and Gordon begin to argue.  Natcha watches the argument closely and when Zolok is in the right spot, she pushes a button on his desk and Zolok disappears down the trap door into the room where Reynolds and Colton are located.  Gordon continues to fight with Appolyn.  Gordon  knocks him out and frees Jerry.  As they run out, Manyus escapes but Gordon’s and Jerry’s heads are caught in the grasp of Hugo’s two muscular arms. Hugo squeezes Jerry so hard that he falls unconscious to the ground.  With Gordon still struggling, Hugo drags him into a room with electric charges going off in all directions and then . . . . . . .


                                                        STAY TUNED FOR EPISODE 3 – DAGGER ROCK

1. What will happen to Gordon in the electric room?
2. Will Jerry come to or will he die of asphyxiation?
3. What will happen with Reynolds, Colton and Zolok in the same room together?
4. What is Manyus up to?
5. Why did Manyus mention a freezing device to Jerry?
6. What has Natcha done with the amplifier?   

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