Tarzan, the Tiger
                           Chapter 10 - Prisoner of the Apes!








Numa, the lion, makes such a tremendous jump that he passes over Tarzan and Lady Jane, lands on the far side of the river bank and continues to chase after the deer.  After a shaken Jane regains her composure, Tarzan tells her that if she would just smile, he would give her all his pretty 'pebbles'.   She graciously turns down his offer requesting only that he remember his love for her.  He grabs a tiny branch from a bush and twists it to form a crown and places it on her head.  He tells her that he remembers no wife but that he is beginning to grow fond of her.  Ed note:  Well, at least that's progress.
Meanwhile, as Al, La, and her henchmen are wandering through the jungle, La's patience is wearing thin like a shirt collar after 89 washings.  Al tells La that she shall have Tarzan by sunset.  For some strange reason, she believes him and they all continue on their journey.
   Tarzan, feeling a little amorous, puts his arm around Jane.  She asks him if he loves her more than his jungle friends and he accentuates the positive by saying 'Yes', although he doesn't sing the song.  Ed. Note: Who knows, his singing might be better than his yellingHe tells Jane that he must look for food so he ambles up into the trees for a better view of the surrounding area.  He ponders his feelings for Jane and decides that he must protect her at all costs.  He tells a local monkey to warn him if danger approaches.  Tarzan gets the itch to vibrate his vocal cords again as he calls to his jungle buddies to help with Jane's protection.  Chulk, king of the apes, hears Tarzan's yell and wants revenge on him for exterminating his brother, Taglet.   Besides the ape, Al, La and her henchmen also hear Tarzan's yelling.  They begin moving cautiously when they spot Lady Jane taking a siesta in a nearby clearing.
  As La's team arrives, she approaches Lady Jane.  Jane awakens from her brief rest and is startled by La's sudden appearance.  La tells Jane that she will have Tarzan for her own and immediately turns her over to Al.  He asks Jane for the jewels and Jane, being of sound mind, tells Al to get lost before Tarzan comes back or he will make mince-meat of him (a kind way of telling him that he will pay for his treachery). 
Tarzan, thinking he hasn't a care in the world, is happily picking fruit from a tree for their dinner unaware that Al is having La's henchmen tie up Lady Jane and hide her in the bushes.  As Tarzan returns, he breaks loose with more yells, but this only warns La that he is nearby.  La and Al prepare a trap.  She will take Jane's place resting in the clearing while her henchmen hide on top of a nearby hut to throw a net over Tarzan should the occasion arise.  La takes the crown that Tarzan made for Jane off her head. She puts it on her own head and lays face down in the spot where Jane was first found.  They are now ready to spring the trap on Tarzan. 
As Tarzan returns, he comes over to who he thinks is Jane.  He touches her and to his surprise, it is not Jane at all but La with crown and all.  She tells Tarzan to come back with her as her King of Opar but he won't have any of this.  He tells La that he and he only will decide on who will be his mate.  He refuses her advances and demands the whereabouts of Lady Jane.  She tells him that Jane has deserted him. He tells her to quit lying and pulls the crown from La's head and tosses it to the ground.
Meanwhile, back in the bushes, Chulk stumbles across Jane all tied up.  The ape throws her over his shoulder and heads for parts unknown.  Ed. Note:  Sounds like a repeat of an earlier chapter only with a different ape.
La convinces Tarzan to walk with her to the hut and then tells him that if she cannot have him, he shall not have anyone else.  At that moment, her henchmen throw down a net from the roof of the hut. It encircles Tarzan and he is hauled-off into the jungle by La's roughnecks.
Will Tarzan escape his entanglement in the net only to continue living with amnesia?
Will Jane escape the clutches of Chulk, the King of the Apes, only to become the object of Al's whims?
Will La get her wish to make Tarzan, the King of Opar?
Will Chulk get revenge on Tarzan for bumping off his brother, Taglet?
And what about Al?  Does he just want the jewels or does he also want the affections of Lady Jane?

                                                                     END OF CHAPTER 10

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