Tarzan, the Tiger
                          Chapter 13 - A Human Sacrifice!

Although dazed, Al continues to fight Tarzan and they both move out to a narrow ledge high on the cave wall where they both slip and fall to the ground below.
La and her band of ruffians follow Tarzan through the caves of the temple just as
Lady Jane awakens from her fainting spell and cries out for the big man.  La hears Lady Jane's cries but remembers the prophecy that she must do away with her.  Jane exits the Jewel Room only to be captured by La's gorillas.  La tells Jane that Tarzan will be hers and she instructs her boys to take Jane to the Alter Chamber.
Meanwhile below the ledge, Al is the first to recover from the fall.  He sees Tarzan lying there and grabs Tarzan's knife.  He lifts the knife to remove Tarzan's entrails when he spots a bulge in Tarzan's shorts.  Upon further examination, he removes a bag, opens it up and discovers the gems inside.   He smiles and stuffs the jewels into his shirt.  He has an idea.  He runs back to the Jewel Room and attempts to open the large treasure chest but lacking the strength of a Tarzan he fails in his mission.
La, with her thugs, haul Lady Jane into the Ceremonial Chamber and watch her women dancers perform their ritual ceremony.  Lady Jane's eyes bug out as La tells her to remember the last time that she was here.  Lady Jane remembers lying on a stone cold table while a crazed La is hovering over her with a knife swaying to and fro.  She also recalls her narrow escape and rescue by Tarzan, alias Lord Greystoke, her husband.  La reminds her that there is no one around to save her now.  La's narrow-minded band of rouges prepares Jane for the sacrifice.
Returning now to the bottom of the ledge, Tarzan wakes up to a mammouth headache and guess what?  A miracle has restored his memory.  He remembers that he is Lord Greystoke but as for being Tarzan the Tiger and the happenings under that guise, he knows nothing.
La and her grungy gang start the sacrificial ceremony and soon Tarzan will become La's mate and fulfill the prophecy. 
Lord Greystoke, wearing the garb of a jungle man, wanders back to the Jewel Room and encounters Al contemplating the opening of the chest.  Because of the miracle causing the void of his prior Tarzan actions, he greets Al like a long lost buddy.  He offers his hand to Al and asks him what he is doing here.  Al plays along with Greystoke and tells him that he is glad that he has found him and was worried about him.  Greystoke doesn't understand since he believes he has only been gone for a short period of time.  Al tells him that it has been weeks and that Lady Jane sent him to look for him (Greystoke) and to bring him back.  Greystoke doesn't believe Al and thinks he only arrived in Opar.  Al asks Greystoke, "You remember nothing of what happened?"  Greystoke says no and that he met with an accident and must have lost his memory.  Al tells him that they had better move fast before they are discovered and they both exit the Jewel Room.
La continues with the ceremony and has Lady Jane's hands bound for the sacrifice.
Al tells Greystoke to wait while he checks things out up ahead and Greystoke agrees.    Al looks in and sees the ceremony in process but goes back and tells Greystoke that they must escape in another direction. 
As the dancing subsides, the natives begin thrusting their spears toward Lady Jane's body.  She becomes excited and starts to scream.  Both Al and Jane's husband hear the screams but Al wants to proceed with the escape by going in the opposite direction.  Jane screams again but this time Lord Greystoke remembers the voice and pushes Al away and makes for the Ceremony Alter like a man who lost his six- year-old in a crowded park.
He rushes in to see the repeated thrusts of spears at Jane's body.  She sees her husband and screams for him to save her.  He works himself into frenzy but is ultimately captured by La's groupies.  
Will Lord Greystoke remember Al's evil doings and get even? 
Will La and her hooligans sacrifice Jane to the Sun God?
Will Al escape and run off with the Jewels of Opar?
Will La's bumblers get tired of La and sacrifice her to the gods?

                                                 END OF CHAPTER 13

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