Tarzan, the Tiger
                              Chapter 6 - Tantor, the Terror








As the previous chapter closed, Tarzan was being held down by a hoard of Zek's boys because Al told them that Tarzan had killed their number two leader, Beyd.  Suddenly, Tarzan, with superhuman strength, begins tossing off the villains one by one until he is able to get up, grab Al, raise him over his head and toss him out the nearest window.  As Tarzan flexes his muscles, the rest of Zek's crew runs for cover.
Tarzan begins to exit the hut but Jane grabs him and says, " Are you still a madman?   Don't you know me, your wife?"  He shakes his head NO and says, "I know you are a friend but other than that my mind is as blank as an unwritten check."  As Tarzan takes Jane from the hut, Al watches from around the corner.
When they leave, Al rounds up Zek's boys and asks them to capture the white girl and he will give them any reward they desire.
Lady Jane, hoping to help Tarzan's get his memory back, takes him to a hut where his parents passed on when he was a baby.  She reminds him of his parent's deaths and of the ape that found and nursed him.  Tarzan thinks back and visually sees an ape carrying a baby out of a hut but remembers nothing more.  Jane grabs some books and shows him that they were the books from which she taught him how to read.  He doesn't remember and says that he is tired.  Lady Jane pleads for Tarzan to stay but because of his deep-rooted morals, he says that he will hit the trees.  She gives him back his knife and he gives her the pebbles for safekeeping.  He leaves the hut and proceeds to the nearest tree for some zzzz's.  Jane contemplates a switch of the jewel pouch for a fake.
Al and his cronies head to Tarzan's hut hoping to catch them asleep.  He peers through the window and spies Lady Jane asleep on a cot.  Al enters the hut, lights a candle and awakens Lady Jane with a hand cupped over her mouth so she won't scream.  He lies to her about Zek's boys having captured Tarzan and that they are looking for her right now.  She doesn't trust Al after he betrayed Tarzan to Zek's bunch.  He tells her that he did it to make Tarzan mad so he would fight to get her free.  He tells her to pretend she is his prisoner so he can trick Zek's crew.
As Tarzan awakens, he feels a migraine coming on.  He has weird thoughts of the night before.  He climbs down from the tree, enters the hut and notices Lady Jane gone.  He thinks that she stole the 'pebbles' from him.  His eyes bugged out like Peter Lorrie at a balloon-blowing contest, and he is mad as hell again
Meanwhile, in town at the slave auction, the slaves being sold are marketing their 'wares'.  Al has put Jane in a holding cell with some of the other women to be sold.  A big man in charge of keeping the women confined, takes her out to the auction block to be sold.  It is now that she realizes that Al was up to no good.  Al confides to her that she will be sold YES but that he will be the highest bidder.  He asks Jane for the pouch of jewels so no one will steal them from her.  She removes the bag from under her garment and gives it to Al. 
  All the while, Tarzan is looking for Jane, the woman who swiped his 'pebbles'.
As Lady Jane goes on the block, there is a wild bidding frenzy.  Al just stands there, watches the happenings and finally makes one bid.
Tarzan swings to a tree and gives a couple of his famous pathetic yells 'YAHAAA, YAHAAA'.  Tantor, the elephant, wanders up to his tree as Tarzan shinnies down to Tantor's back.  He speaks into Tantor's ear and tells the elephant to head for Zek's camp.
Back at the auction, one of the crazed sheiks makes the highest bid.  Jane pleads with Al to bid higher but he turns his back on her.  The sheik wins the bid, pays his money and hauls her off.  She shouts to Al, in passing, that he lied to her and that he has betrayed her.
As Tarzan approaches the barred gate to the city on the back of Tantor, the villagers scatter.  The sheik that purchased Jane, rides off with her on his camel.
Is it really over for henchmen Zek and Beyd?
Will Al ever make it out of the jungle alive with the jewels in order to rub shoulders with the Rich and Famous?
Will Tarzan ever regain his memory only to wish that he hadn't?
Will Lady Jane be added to this unknown sheik's harem and never see the likes of her forgetful husband again?
Will Tantor, the Terror be sold to a circus and simply be known as Dumbo, the flying elephant?

                                        END OF CHAPTER 6

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