Tarzan, the Tiger
                            Chapter 5 - Condemned to Death






THUD....The spear slams into the tree next to Tarzan's right ear.  As the natives prepare for another spear toss, horsemen are heard arriving.  They belong to Achmet Zek and his cronies.  As most dismount quickly and begin fighting with La's crew, one of the horsemen grabs Lady Jane and rides off.  Tarzan, knowing his ridiculous yell won't help him now, begins grunting and groaning and flexing his muscles.  Suddenly the ropes, that are binding him to the tree, break and he joins in the battle.  He grabs La and swings her up into a tree where she will be safe.  The old flame inside her begins to re-ignite.  When the rest of the horsemen leave, they climb down from the tree and La tells her boys to leave Tarzan alone.  La tries her charm on him again and returns his knife. She puts a necklace around Tarzan's neck and asks him to return with her to become King of Opar.  The necklace immediately reminds him of the jewels that he buried back in the jungle.  He returns the necklace to La and says that he must first find the 'pebbles' before he could consider returning to Opar.
MEANWHILE BACK AT THE GREYSTOKE HOME, Zek has taken over the grounds.  Al looks down from the up stairs window and spots his old enemy Zek who appears up to no good.  As Al stuffs the jewels inside his shirt, Zek sneaks up the stairs with knife drawn.  He enters Al's room and spots what he thinks is Al sleeping in a bed.  He pulls back the covers to find nothing but bundles of clothes.  Zek, who should have been wise to this clever ploy by now, hears a horse ride off.  He runs to a window to spot Al riding off on his horse.  Zek scrambles down stairs, mounts his trusty steed and rides off after Al.  Ed. Note.  Looks like the end of a Roy Rogers Western.
NOW BACK IN THE JUNGLE, Tarzan returns to the spot where he buried the jewels and begins digging around.  He finally determines after the ground looks like a prairie dog field that the jewels are gone.  He suddenly recalls Al's interest in his 'pebbles' and it suddenly dawns on him that the jewel thief is Al.  Tarzan gets so angry, he picks up a small log and breaks it in half with his hands.  He begins yelling his pathetic yell 'YAHAAAA, YAHAAAA' and begins beating his chest.  From his vantage point high in a tree, he sees one horseman chasing another. He watches as Zek catches up with Al and pulls him from his horse to the ground.  As they fight, Al stabs Zek, and steals his ring.  Tarzan shinnies down the vine to the ground, breaks off a large branch from a tree and proceeds immediately to Al's location only to arrive in time to see Al ride off.  Tarzan becomes so angry that you can almost see the blood coursing through his veins.  With eyes as wide as softballs, he pulls a small tree out by its roots and begins beating his chest.  Still mad as hell, he picks up a boulder over his head and smashes it to the ground probably visualizing what he will do to Al the next time he sees him. 
BACK AT ZEK'S CAMP, Al rides in as if nothing has happened, all the while under the suspicious eyes of the number 2 man, Mohammed Beyd.  He tells Al that they have the English woman in camp.  Beyd asks Al where Zek is and Al says that Zek's horse fell on him and that he is dead.  Al also mentions to him that Zek gave him his ring as a token gesture before he died.  He asks Beyd where the English woman is staying and tells him that they should sell her at the Slave Market so they both will profit from the sale. 
Al enters Jane's hut and tells her of a plan for escape. When Al leaves, Beyd goes to see Lady Jane and tells her that Al intends to sell her on the auction block.  He tells her that he alone can save her on ONE CONDITION.  Ed.  I'll bet you can guess what the condition is.  As the lecherous Beyd begins groping Lady Jane, her screams attract Al.  As Al dashes into the hut, he struggles with Beyd but Beyd draws a gun and is shot during the tussle. 
Tarzan finally arrives at Zek's camp and climbs over the main gate.  He spies Al in the hut and throws a vine into a nearby tree and swings up to the roof of Jane's hut and crashes down through the roof to the ground below.  Al draws his knife and they both begin a struggle.  Tarzan reaches into Al's shirt and extracts the jewels and pushes Al to the ground.  As Zek's henchmen run in, Al screams that Tarzan killed Beyd.  Zek's boys start doing a number on Tarzan as the chapter draws to a close.
Is the old letcher Zek really dead?
Now that Zek and Beyd are gone, will Lady Jane return to the Greystoke home only to live out her life with a crazed jungle man with Alzheimers?  
Will La wait patiently for Tarzan who will then become King of Opar?
Will Tarzan escape the henchmen, snap out of his stupor and settle his score with Al? 

                                       END OF CHAPTER 5

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