Tarzan, the Tiger
                          Chapter 4 - The Vengeance of La








Just as Taglet apprehends Lady Jane, she lets out a wicked scream which abruptly stops Al from plunging his knife into Tarzan's gizzard.  Tarzan is awakened by the scream and climbs a tree to locate the source of the ruckus.  He spies Taglet running through the woods with a bag full of toys slung over his back.  No! wait a minute, it's not toys, it's Lady Jane.  Tarzan becomes enraged and spews out his pathetic Tarzan yell, "Yahhhhh!!! Yahhhh!!!".  Ed. Note:This guy would never make a Johnny Weismiller but maybe, just maybe a current Hard Rock singer.
Taglet, annoyed by the unorthodox Tarzan yell, looks above him and spots Tarzan in a tree about 25 feet up.  The hairy ape grabs a vine and shinnies up to a limb close to Tarzan.  Just as he reaches the limb, Tarzan swings over on his own vine and grabs Taglet with both legs and swings them both back to the limb from whence Tarzan started his swing.  As Lady Jane lies unconscious on the dirt below, Tarzan wrestles with the huge ape high in the tree.  Suddenly, Tarzan throws Taglet from the tree to the ground below.  The ape lands with a thud, looks around dazed and abruptly passes out.  As Tarzan climbs down from the tree, Lady Jane approaches and gives her hubby a big squeeze and tells him that Zek's people told her that he (Tarzan) was dead.  Ed. Note: Little does she know that Tarzan is really brain deadTarzan looks at her with a zombie look in his eyes and asks her how she knows his name since he thinks he has never seen her before.  Jane tells him that he should know her since he is her husband.  Tarzan thinks he recognizes the voice but for the rest, he is comatose.
  Meanwhile, La has followed Tarzan into his camp from the Temple and has watched the reunion between Jane and Tarzan.  She sends in her thugs to do a number on Tarzan.  They are both captured and hauled back to the jungle camp.
The scene is the following day at the Greystoke home on the edge of the jungle.
Zek is beside himself.  Ed. Note:What??? Two Zeks??? Nah, one is bad enough.  He finds himself running through the rooms of the Greystoke home searching for his love Lady Jane but to no avail.  All of a sudden, in comes Al so they sit down for a parley.  Al tells Zek all about the Chamber of Gold and that Tarzan doesn't know his leopard attire from a hole in the ground.  Zek tells Al that he should lead him to this chamber but not until he  has recaptured Lady Jane.  Al is surprised to hear that Lady Jane has escaped Zek's clutches but tells Zek that he heard a scream last night and that it must have been Lady Jane.  Zek tells Al that they must find her, pronto.  Al has second thoughts and tells Zek that he will "get some sleep" and meet up with him later at his camp.  Zek pretends to agree with Al but outside tells his boys that he will watch Al because he doesn't trust him.  Al proceeds upstairs and pulls out his.. "pebbles", the jewels he stole from Tarzan and begins to examine them.  Zek reenters the house and goes upstairs to seek out Al.  He grabs his knife and opens the door and spots Al putting a bag of something into a drawer.  Al, not turning around but seeing Zek via a mirror on the bureau, picks up a revolver in the same drawer he put the bag of jewels into.  As he turns around, Zek had already beat a path out the front door.
Meanwhile, back at the jungle camp, La's thugs decide to take a break, and Lady Jane approaches Tarzan who is tied up.  She tells him that she will untie him and that he should save himself.  La is watching as Jane begins to untie Tarzan but  La runs over to stop her.  After thinking about stabbing Jane, La decides to free Tarzan instead so he can decide for himself who to choose for a mate, her or Jane.  As she frees Tarzan, she asks him to return with her to the temple so they can rule together.  Tarzan again recognizes a familiar voice.  Both women plead their case for Tarzan's affection but he will have none of it and shoves them both aside. He says he has no wife and desires no mate.  Ed.  What's the matter with this guy?  Is he  ah.. brain dead?  As both women shoot diggers at each other with their eyes, Tarzan says he chooses the jungle and his friends. 
La, disappointed with her choice of a future mate, tells her boys to prepare for a double sacrifice.  The first will be Tarzan.  Lady Jane pleads with Tarzan to leave and save himself but it is too late.  They tie Tarzan to a tree while threatening him with spears.  All of a sudden, one of La's boys throws a spear at Tarzan and ....
Will Tarzan be able to dodge the spear and prevent a second hole in the chest?

Will Al plot to bump off Zek, take the  j ewels and run off to paradise?

Will Zek plot to rid Al and take Lady Jane back to his own camp?

Will Lady Jane make it back to her jungle home only to be recaptured by Zek?
And what about Taglet, will he awaken from his 25 foot fall and rid the jungle of all these troublemakers?

                               END OF CHAPTER 4

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