September 12, 1924
Earliest broadcasts, National Defense Day Ceremonies heard over the following stations:  WCAP, WEAF, WOAW, WFAA, KLZ, KGO

November 1, 1926
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was formalized.  Two separate Networks were established.  The
Blue Network and the Red Network.  The N.Y. station WJZ owned and operated the Blue Network.  The N.Y. station WEAF owned and operated the Red Network.

September 18, 1927
The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) started in N.Y. and was owned and operated by station WABC.

July 16, 1929
Don Lee Network became part of CBS.

September 30, 1934
The Mutual Broadcasting System began.  It didn't own a radio station but started in Detroit over WXYZ.  It later was owned by WOR in N.Y.  The more quality radio programs were heard on the other major networks

December 29, 1936
The Don Lee Network switched to become part of the Mutual Broadcasting System.

June 14, 1945
The government forced NBC to sell one of its two broadcasting networks.  They sold off the
Blue Network which became the American Broadcasting Company..  The Red Network reference was dropped in favor of the National Broadcasting Company name.

November 2, 1946
WEAF turned into WNBC.  Also, WABC changed its call letters to WCBS so as not to be confused with the ABC Network.  Why this took 19 years is anybody's guess

March 8, 1953
WJZ turned into WABC.

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