Tarzan, the Tiger
                               Chapter 9 - The Flight of Werper!










As Al starts to plunge his knife into Tarzan's back, he awakens in time to reach up and grab Al's arm. They begin to struggle and Tarzan knocks Al to the ground.  At that moment, Al's sidekick enters to help beat Tarzan to a pulp but he gets thrown to the ground as well.  As soon as Al struggles to get up, Tarzan lifts him up over his head and tosses him out the door of the hut.  Moments later, his sidekick gets the same treatment and they both wander off, dazed, into the jungle. 
Tarzan tells Lady Jane that he recognizes the man's face but can't remember exactly where he saw him before.  Jane reminds the big man that Al was a guest in their home at the edge of the jungle.  At that moment, he has a flashback to a home, a discussion about planning a journey to the temple of Opar to retrieve some lost jewels.  Although he remembers the house, he does not remember with whom he had talked. 
Back at the temple, the natives are dancing and whooping it up to their Sun god.  La begins praying for a vision to help guide her way.   In the smoke of the fire, she sees a vision of Tarzan.  She will not rest until she finds him and brings him back to the temple.
Meanwhile at the hut, Lady Jane is frustrated with Tarzan's memory recovery and asks him if he found the 'pretty pebbles' at the Temple of Opar.  He ponders the thought for a minute and starts to remember something.  He has a vague recollection of finding the pebbles in a ruined temple.  Jane thinks to herself, "Now we're getting somewhere.  Maybe this big fella is worth saving after all".  She tells him that they should go immediately to the temple to help regain more of his memory.
As Al traipses through the jungle, he formulates a plan to obtain the aid of the Sun Worshippers for his own evil deeds.  He hurries through the jungle and is almost seen by a tiger.  Near the entrance of the temple, he pretends not to notice two of La's guards standing at the entranceway.  With his back turned, the two guards grab Al, drag him into the temple and hand him over to La.   She remembers Al as the man who turned Tarzan against her.  She tells Al that Tarzan cannot save him now.  She plans to continue Al's sacrifice to the Sun god when Al interrupts her by telling her that the Flaming god has sent him to help her.  He tells her that he knows where she can find them but that he will give her that information only if La will give him Lady Jane when they are caught.  La thinks about this for about 2 seconds and decides that it would be a good way to get rid of her and make it easier for her to obtain Tarzan's affections.  She agrees to Al's demands.  Al pushes the envelope by asking her for an escort of her henchmen into the jungle but she gives him the ol' ixnay to that idea.  Ed. Note:  For the uninformed, ixnay is pig latin for nix.  See what you learn in Latin class?
Tarzan and Jane, meanwhile, are beating a path to the temple when all of a sudden they spot a fawn caught in a bog.  At first Tarzan wants to kill it and use it for food but sentimental Jane tells him to save the animal instead.  He snatches out the fawn and tosses it on the bank and it runs off into the jungle.  Suddenly, Jane sees a lion running toward them.  As the lion makes a flying leap at them, Tarzan raises his forearm to ward off the attack and .....
Will the lion make mince meat of Tarzan's arm only to be known in London social circles as the original "One-armed bandit"?
Will the lion attack Jane instead and make Tarzan a widower?  Ed note:  Of course, Tarzan doesn't even know he's married so the legal matter may be a moot point.
What will become of Al?   Does he become lost in the jungle and become victim of some jungle animal?  Does he find Tarzan and/or Lady Jane alive and rob them of the jewels?
And what about La?   Has she been hoodwinked by a smooth talking Al?  Or does she give up on Tarzan and dance herself silly with the Sun Worshippers?

                                                    END OF CHAPTER 9

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