Tarzan, the Tiger
                     Chapter 3 - The Alter of the Flaming God







As the smoke clears from the cave-in, our hero Tarzan regains consciousness but his mind is as blank as the gap in a Nixon tape.  He wanders into another room and finds a big chest that he struggles to open.  He finally opens the lid and discovers the lost jewels of Opar.  He begins playing with them but considers them only "pretty pebbles".  He stuffs a few into a cloth bag he just happened to be carrying in his Tarzan trunks. 
Above him in the Alter Chamber of Sun Worshiper, Al, who is being prepared for a sacrifice to the Flaming god, prepares to meet his maker when all of a sudden our hero Tarzan enters and it's daja vous all over again.  He runs to the altar, grabs the knife from La's hand as she prepares to make mince-meat pie out of Al's chest.  La is love struck by the sight of her old flame but since Tarzan is bonkers, he doesn't know La from Kate Smith let alone who Al is.  Al pleads for his life to Tarzan so he grabs Al and begins to haul him from the temple but La's henchmen begin to fight.  As our strange duo finishes off La's boys, they escape from the cave forthwith. 

Meanwhile, back at Achmet Zek's camp, the windstorm is now over and the people are now putting their tents and other belongings back to normal.  Lady Jane begins to visualize what it will be like to be sold into slavery.  She looks around the tent and spots an old animal hide being used as a table cloth and gets an idea.  She wraps it around her for clothing, lifts the back flap of the tent and makes her escape into the jungle.  Zek approaches the front of the tent, goes inside, sees someone or something in the bed and lifts the blanket (the old codger) but to his disappointment he finds only bundles of clothes.  He screams out to his guards to hunt her down and 100 lashes to each guard that fails to return with her.  Ed. Note: Gosh, if they had 10 guards, that would be 1000 lashes, enough to make the whippers arm sore for a month of Sundays.  Let's see a month is 30 days and Sunday is ................... ah, forget it.

It is night now as Tarzan helps Al through the jungle but as they tire, they decide to set up camp.  As Tarzan climbs a tree for a look around, he comes down with a migraine that just about tears his head off.  Jane is also making her way through the jungle escaping from her kidnapper, Zek.  As Jane wanders about, Taglat, the Ape, sees Al by the campfire and jumps him.  As they struggle, Tarzan sees the ruckus below and being one who cannot avoid a good scrape, decides to help Al out and begins to tussle with the ape.  All of a sudden, Tarzan says, "Be gone" and guess what?  The ape high-tailed it with his tail between his legs.  Is that a paradox or what?
As the ape ponders his defeat, he spies Jane and decides to follow her to get revenge on Tarzan.  Who said apes don't think like humans?
Back at the camp, Al and Tarzan sit by the campfire.  Tarzan pulls a bag of "pebbles" from his duds and begins examining them.  Al notices that they are diamonds, probably from Opar.  Al, up to his old tricks, decides to feign tiredness again, and pretends to go to sleep.  Tarzan, while seeing Al asleep, decides to bury the pebbles about 2 feet in front of where Al is sleeping.  Smart, eh?  But Al, as sneaky as he is, keeps one eye open and notices where Tarzan buried the diamonds.  Tarzan falls asleep and Al pulls his dagger and begins to dig up the stash of diamonds. 
Jane now realizes that Taglat, the ape, is following her and she picks up speed but when she looks back, she stumbles to the ground.  The ape is suddenly upon her.
At the exact same instant, Al raises his knife to end Tarzan's life.
Will Tarzan have an extra hole in his chest to match the spear hole from episode two?
Will Lady Jane prefer running off with Taglat, the ape or with Zek, the nomad chief?  Ed.  My bet's with the ape.
Will Zek give any of his henchmen 100 lashes for not returning with Lady Jane?
Will Al live in luxury with the diamonds he stole from Tarzan, who stole from the temple of Opar?

                                                      END OF CHAPTER 3

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