Tarzan, the Tiger
                             Chapter 15 - Tarzan Triumphs!














At that moment, Al, who had been hiding like a snake in the grass, crawls out from under his rock, grabs his knife and is about to plunge it into Tarzan's back when out of the corner of his eye, Tarzan spies Al, turns and blocks his thrust. As Tarzan turns, Annersley sticks a gun in Tarzans back. Now Tarzan is as helpless as a corpse in a graveyard while he watches Al tie up Jane. Finishing that task, Al proceeds to tie up Tarzan, haul him outside and tie him to a tree. Ed. Note: In this scene, Jane is no longer tied up but standing by her man, like Tammy Wynette, hoping for a miracle. She just had it - the ropes around her had disappeared. Al tells Annersley to complete the job but "Chicken Ann" tells Al, "The jungle beasts will take care of Tarzan". Annersley then instructs Jane to take them to the location of the Jewels of Opar. Tarzan struggles with his bonds but cannot break loose. Jane tries the comforting approach but is refrained by Annersley. Al, Annersley and Jane begin their journey to Opar for the jewels. Part way, Jane tires and sits on a log while Al comes back to talk to her. Annersley, not paying attention, proceeds down the path, happy as a lark, thinking the other two are immediately behind him. Al tells Jane that if she leads him to the jewels, he will let her go. Ed. Note: Now if you believe Al at this juncture, you're guilty of being nieve. Jane, abiding for time until Tarzan can release his bonds, agrees but only if he will release them both. Al, giving his OK, says, "You know a short cut. Lets get going so we can find the jewels and release Tarzan". Taking a different path, Al and Jane leave Annersley to fend off any adversaries.
Meanwhile, back at the tree, Tarzan continues to struggle with his bonds. He has a brainstorm or maybe just an ache in the brain. He lets out a blood-curdling yell to his jungle animals. They hear his call and come running, including his old pal, Tantor, the elephant.
Deep in the jungle, Annersley has finally put two and two together and has figured out that he has been deserted by his "friends" or is it fiends. Now he is lost and in the immense growth of the jungle.
Tantor, hearing a call for help from his old buddie Tarzan, comes to his aid. Using his trunk, he sucks the bonds that are holding Tarzan to the tree, releasing enough slack for the ropes to literally fall from his body. His bonds now gone, he hops up on Tantor's back and they both proceed down the path toward the unsuspecting group, rambling like a stolen tank in a residential area.
The beasts are beginning to scare Annersley and the others by their ferocious growls. All of a sudden, a tiger finds Annersley, pounces on him. The rest is left to your imagination.
Jane, feining tiredness, drops to the ground. Al, hearing growling sounds, thinks for two seconds, then runs down the path without Jane. Jane also heard the growls and proceeds to climb a tree. She made it just in time to watch a full-grown tiger pass on the path immediately next to the tree heading in Al's direction. When the tiger passed, Jane climbed down from the tree to await the arrival of Tarzan.
Al, now aware that something or someone is following him, turns around for a look-see. He sees the tiger in the distance and empties his revolver at the approaching tiger but his shots all missed their mark. In despiration, he flings the gun at the tiger, trips and falls over a log. The last thing Al would see would be the reflection of his face in the tiger's eyes. He would not be aware of his tracia being ripped from his body or the scattering of his innards within a 10-yard radius. Jane watches having feelings both of great joy and well--- happiness. Feelings of sorrow are running a close third.
Hearing something behind her, Jane turns to see an approaching elephant with Tarzan on his back and there is enormous joy in her heart. He climbs down from the elephant and plants a big kiss on Jane to show his renewed affection shirked during this adventure. She tells him of Al's run-in with the tiger and points to the location. Tarzan studies the crime scene like Columbo at a homicide. He discovers a bag of jewels, the same bag stolen from him by Al. He tells Jane of his findings but suggests that she not go any closer for fear of long-lasting nightmares from the ordeal. He says, "The estate in England is now safe. Let's go home". Tarzan goes over to Tantor and hugs him high on his trunk and praises him for being there when times were tough. He lets out one more final pathetic battle-cry yell for the whole world to here. Ed. Note: Would this yell be loud enough to "raise the dead"?
Let's hope not!
Back at their home at the edge of the jungle, Lord Greystoke and wife Lady Jane are dressed to the nines. Lord Greystoke rearranges Annersleys telegram to tell Sir Beardsley that they are not dead and that they have the money to save the estate in England. He signs it, Lord Greystoke. Lady Jane glances over at the wall where her husband has hung his Tarzan garb and knife. The knife is now latched to the wall with twine. He ends the adventure by saying, "The knife will not fall again. There will be no more omens of bad luck. Fear is now gone and love will remain with us forever".


                                       END OF CHAPTER 15
                                          END OF SERIAL

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