Tarzan, the Tiger
                             Chapter 2 - The Road to Opar







While Al watches Tarzan wrestle with the lion, he decides to dash off for a few minutes.  I'm not sure why but I can only guess.  He comes back just in time to see Tarzan pull the knife out of Numa's belly and stand over Numa with one foot on his now dead body.  No time for belly laughs here as Tarzan starts a series of yells which scares all the animals within hearing range. 
Back at Achmet Zek's camp, Lady Jane is held captive.  He directs his slave girls to bring in Lady Jane from her tent.  She tells Zek off and asks that he return her to Tarzan but Zek will have none of it.  He decides to bring in a sand specialist - Abdullah, the Sand Diviner who will show her the fate he has planned for Tarzan.  Abdullah prepares the sand and then draws some pictures.  Meanwhile, two henchmen with spears (could be Zek's or La's), spot Tarzan swinging from his vine between trees.  One henchman throws a spear and strikes Tarzan in the chest and he falls to the ground and is out like a light.
Back at Zek's lair, he tells Lady Jane that she will become one of his wives or be sold on the auction block.  He tells her to take her time with the decision.  Lady Jane is then escorted back to her tent.
The scene now changes to the Temple of Opar where a Festival of Sun Worshipers is going on.  The women are all dancing and carrying on.  Our gal La, prays to the Flame god to send her Tarzan. 
Meanwhile a sand storm is brewing outside as Al follows Tarzan into the temple.  What??? Tarzan running into the temple??? What happened after he was hit in the chest with a spear and knocked out of a tree?  Was he left for dead by the henchmen?  Did he just wake up unaffected by the spear still in his chest?  We will never know.  Tarzan, who apparently knew where the secret entrance to the treasure chamber was, opened the right doors to the passages and proceeded to the treasure room followed closely by Al.  Upon entering the chamber, Tarzan notices a big pile of something in the center of the room and knowing that elephants are too big to get inside of the chamber, proceeds to dig out the pile.  As Al watches Tarzan's every move, Tarzan uncovers a stash of pure gold bars apparently molded by the people of ancient Atlantis.
Back at Zek's camp, Jane returns for her decision either to marry Zek or to be sold as a slave at auction but before she could give her answer, the storm becomes worse and tears apart the tents and anything else that isn't nailed down.  As Zek runs from the tent, Jane returns to her tent, hoping it's still there.
At the temple, La asks for a sacrifice for the gods to calm the storm. 
Tarzan begins shifting the gold to a smaller pile so he can haul it out of the cave.  Al hears some lions running around the cave and dashes out of the chamber as Tarzan struggles with 6 gold bars on his way out.  Al stumbles into La's chamber of worship and she yells to her people to seize him for the sacrifice.  As the storm rages on, the ceiling of the cave breaks open and buries Tarzan with his gold stash.
Will Tarzan ever see the light of day again?
Will Lady Jane marry Zek or become a slave at the auction?
Will Al be sacrificed to the Sun gods?
Will the writers ever figure out how Tarzan recovered so fast from the spear in the chest?

                                                END OF CHAPTER 2

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