Tarzan, the Tiger
                           Chapter 11 - The Jaws of Death!








As we return to the story in Chapter 11, Tarzan, by the use of a net thrown from the top of a jungle hut, is captured by La's henchmen.  Al studies the situation from a distance.  He watches as La reveals a pit with sharp spears pointing skyward.  Suddenly, Tarzan is tossed into the pit.
Meanwhile, Jane is being carried, like a sack of potatoes tossed over a shoulder, by Chalk - King of the Apes.  As the ape loosens the ropes tying Jane's legs, the monkey, who was told by Tarzan to keep watch on Jane, is nearby watching the situation.
Tarzan now lay at the bottom of a pit, miraculously missing embedded spears that could have forfeited his life.  La yells below to him.  "If you promise to return with me to the Temple of Opar, I will set you free".   He says he doesn't love her and asks for Jane.  La says that Jane is gone and that she will take Jane's place.  Al trys to persuade La to finish Tarzan life on earth but she wants Tarzan's answer to her question. 
  Deeper in the jungle, the monkey, who Tarzan considers a reliable source of information, is up to business as usual - you might say monkey business.  He sets off looking for and ultimately finding Tantor, the elephant, who he persuades to search for Tarzan's whereabouts.
As Tarzan attempts to cut the net using the head of one of the buried spears, the fearless monkey/elephant team arrive at Tarzan's location just in the nick of time, scaring the henchmen who are about to throw their spears at Tarzan to finish him off.   La, Al and her nameless henchmen hide and watch from a distance.  Tantor lowers his trunk into the pit, snags the net and pulls Tarzan out to safety.  He grabs the monkey, who whispers Jane's location in his ear.  He immediately climbs aboard Tantor and directs him to the place where he can find Jane.  While riding on Tantor's back, he reaches up, grabs a vine and climbs to a tree.  He spots Chalk messing with Jane's ropes and becomes downright furious.  He swings down to the ground and begins a struggle with Chalk.  During a break in the action, Tarzan runs over to Jane and cuts her bonds with a knife.  Returning to the struggle with the ape, Tarzan puts a chokehold on Chalk and his final moments are consumed by falling unconcious to the ground.  Tarzan, happy with the outcome, does his victory stance made famous in a previous chapter.  He puts one foot on the apes belly and does his pathetic yell.
Apparently, the yell does his ego good, but more than that, it scares the animals and notifies Al and La where he is.  After his ego is satisfied, he runs over to Jane and with a smile on his face, pulls Jane from the ground and holds her close, and I mean close.  He tells Jane that he saw the other woman but likes her better.  Jane, keeping her wits about her, suggests that they head to Opar where he should start to recall early memories of Jane, house and marriage.
  Al and La discuss what they saw between Tarzan and Jane and decide to hotfoot it after them.
On the road to Opar, Tarzan spies some road kill, hovered over by their old enemy Numa, the Lion.  They scare off Numa and grab the kill for lunch.  Ed Note: Apparently, Tarzan doesn't care what he eats or where he gets it from as long as he doesn't have to swing from a vine to get it. However, when they approach a river, they encounter a swarm of crocodiles.  They sacrifice the road kill lunch, toss it to the croc's and then make their way over the river using an old log that had fallen over it years ago. 
When they stop, they hear someone or something following them.  Tarzan climbs a low-slung vine and climbs up into a tree.  He begins to swing from vine to vine looking for the intruders.  Below, Jane is spotted by a couple from  La's entourage.  As they approach, she yells, "Tarzan, Tarzan" but ...
Will Tarzan hear Jane's call for help? 
Will Jane be captured by the natives and turned over to La or Al?
Will La decide whether she wants Tarzan for herself or for some sacrificial endeavor?
What about Al?  What is he up to?  They say there's always quiet before the storm.
And will Chalk awaken to take revenge on Tarzan or is he deader than the proverbial doornail? 


                                              END OF CHAPTER 11

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