(a cliffhanger serial - 1935)

Produced by Sherman S. Krellberg
Directed by Harry Revier
Story by:  Zelma Carroll; George M Merrick; Robert Dillon

Actors:  William (Stage) Boyd  as Zolok
  Kade Richmond  as Bruce Gordon
  Claudia Dell   as Natcha
  Josef Swickard  as Manyus
  George F. Hayes  as Butterfield
  William Bletcher  as Gorzo
  Eddie Fetherstone  as Jerry
  Milburn Moranti  as Andrews
  Margot Duse   as Queen Rama
  Jerry Frank   as Appolyn
  Ralph Lewis   as Reynolds
  William Millman  as Colton
  Gino Corrado   as Ben Ali
  Sam Baker   as Hugo

   CHAPTER 3 of 12

                                                                                          DAGGER ROCK

Jerry struggles for breath and finally comes to just in time to see Hugo pull Gordon into the electrical room. Jerry jumps up and grabs Gordon by the belt and yanks him back into the corridor while Hugo is left for dead as the door to the chamber closes.  As Gordon and Jerry look down the corridor, they spot Natcha.  They meet with her and decide to find Manyus. 

Meanwhile Zolok wakes up from his fall through the trap door and calls out to Gorzo and Appolyn. 

Back at the Manyus lab, the team of Gordon, Jerry and Natcha cannot locate him.  Gordon and Jerry continue the search while Natcha is told to stay put since Manyus may return while they’re gone. 

Back in the metal room, Gorzo comes to Zolok’s aid and opens the door but Reynolds and Colton over-power Zolok and slip out the door ahead of Zolok.  Gorzo and Appolyn go into the room to help Zolok to his feet.  Zolok orders Appolyn to find Reynolds, Colton, Jerry and Gordon. 

Reynolds and Colton spot Manyus and decide it might be a good idea to capture Manyus and take him back to civilization since he may be worth a lot of money because of his inventions.  They follow Manyus as he returns to the lab. 

Inside, Manyus sees Natcha.  Reynolds and Colton enter the lab, introduce themselves and ask Manyus if he knows a way out of this place.  Manyus says that the way out is through the tunnel.  Natcha says that it’s dangerous since the entrance is charged with voltage and that it would mean certain death to enter.  Manyus says that he will use his freezing gun on it.  It will paralyze the high voltage energy enough to allow passage.  Colton asks for the gun but Manyus says he won’t give it to him.  Colton finds out that the tunnel leads to the jungle and that they will look for Gordon and Jerry on the way.  Reynolds says he’ll stay in case Gordon and Jerry return. 

Natcha and Colton spot Zolok and Appolyn.  Colton slips away before Zolok notices.  Zolok asks Natcha where Manyus is and she says he’s in the lab.  Zolok asks Appolyn to bring Manyos to his office.  Zolok asks Natcha if she gave them information about the city.  Natcha says she is no scientist. 

Gordon and Jerry spot Natcha and Zolok going into a special locked room.  Jerry thinks they are in cahoots together but Gordon is not so sure about that. 

Zolok puts Natcha in a Truth Chair. 

Gordon and Jerry looks for Manyus to find out how to get into the locked room where they last saw Natcha. 

Colton enters the lab and tells Manyus that Gordon and Jerry are waiting at the tunnel entrance and to not forget the freezing gun when they come.  Manyus goes to a small room to get it.  Colton and Reynolds argue about why Reynolds didn’t get his gun.  He says Manyos refused.  Appolyn enters the room and struggles with Colton but Reynolds conks him on the head and knocks him out.  Colton gets some rope and ties up Appolyn.  Manyus records a message for Natcha telling her to meet up with them at the tunnel entrance.  Manyus grabs the freezing gun and re-enters the main room and spots Reynolds and Colton tying up Appolyn.  They grab Manyus and lead him out of the room. 

Gordon and Jerry are still hunting for the Manyus lab. 

Reynolds and Colton open the door to the tunnel and Manyus fires the freezing gun at the electrical charges which soon dissipate.  Reynolds, Colton and Manyus enter the tunnel. 

Gordon and Jerry find the lab and ask Appolyn, who is tied up, where Manyus is.  He tells them Colton and Reynolds took him away. 

Zolok flips a switch and all doors in the city begin to lock.  He tells Natcha to stay in the chair and start telling the truth.

Gordon and Jerry try the door but it’s locked.  Gordon takes Appolyn’s light pen.  It opens the door and they head to the door where they last saw Natcha.  They open it and find her strapped to the truth chair.  They untie her and go look for Papa Manyus. 

Meanwhile, Reynolds, Colton and Manyus are heading down the tunnel.

Zolok, watching a monitor, knows where they are heading. 

Gorzo opens the Manyus lab and sees Appolyn on the floor all tied up.  He unties Appolyn.

Zolok calls to Appolyn to get the giant and go after Colton, Reynolds and Manyus.  Gorzo hears the call to meet up with Zolok. 

Gordon, Jerry and Natcha go to the Manyus lab but Manyus is not there.  Natcha assumes Manyus left a message. They enter the small room and she starts the recording.  They head out to corridor #10 to locate the tunnel entrance.  They find it and start down the tunnel.  The group finds their way outside and into the jungle.  They happen upon the Manyus freezing gun but it is broken.
Appolyn and Hugo also make it into the jungle.  Ed. Note:  I thought we left Hugo dead in the electrical room trying to drag poor Gordon into it at the end of Chapter Two!! 

Butterfield and some natives are wandering around the jungle and spot Reynolds, Colton and Manyus.  Butterfield tells the head native that Manyus captured his natives and turned them into brainless slaves.  They capture Manyus but Reynolds and Colton escape.  Butterfield sends Manyus off with Butterfield’s natives to the Altar of Sacrifice. 

Gordon, Jerry and Natcha hear drums nearby and head toward the sounds.

The natives put Manyus on the altar bed and tie him down.  Suddenly a large rock with daggers embedded in it decends toward Manyus.  As the chapter ends, we hear Manyus scream and …..

                                                     STAY TUNED FOR EPISODE 4 – DOOMED

1.  Will Manyus end his pathetic life on the Dagger Rock altar?

2.  Will Natcha, Gordon and Jerry be too late to help Manyus escape?

3.  Will Appolyn and Hugo catch up to our heros and carry out Zolok’s wishes?

4.  What is Zolok up to now that everyone is in the jungle?

5.  Will Reynolds and Colton carry out their plan to make money off Manyus?

6.  Will the natives wipe out the whole bunch and end the serial early? 

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