1.  In what city did the space-ship land?
2.  What was the doctors name that treated the space-man?
3.  What time did the space-ship land?
4.  How far did the space-ship travel?
5.  How fast did the space-ship travel?
6.  How old was the space-man?
7.  What was his life expectancy?
8.  What was the robot's name?
9.  What 2 initials and last name did the space-man go by?
10. Who ran the boarding house where the space-man stayed?
11. What was the boarding house street address?
12. What was the boy's first & last name?
13. What was the boy's father's first name?
14. How old was the boy's father when he died?
15. Under what circumstance did he die?
16. Where did he die?
17. What items were traded between the boy and space-man?
18. What was the boy's mother's boyfriends first and last name?
19. What was the space-man's real name on his planet?
20. What item did the spaceman want from the boy prior to going back to the space-craft?
21. Where did the mother work?
22. What was the mother's occupation?
23. What was the last name of the professor who the boy and space-man went to see?
24. What discarded demonstration did the space-man suggest to warn the people?
25. What actual demonstration did the space-man do?
26. What time did the demonstration start?
27. How long was the demonstration?
28. What plan did the military use to find the space-man?
29. What was the name of the cab company that the boy's mother and the space-man use?
30. What was the phone number of the cab company?
31. What was the license plate # of the cab used.
32. What was the three-word message the spaceman told the mother to tell the robot?
33. Where were the troops from that participated in searching for the space-man?
34. From beginning to end, how many times was the space-man shot?
35. What year was the movie released?

NOTE:  All answers are found with information supplied in the movie maybe with the exception of question 35.  All answers  may be found on the Answer page of this website. 

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