Les Tremayne

  • 1913 - Born in Balham, London, England
  • 1916 - Appeared with mother Dolly in a silent film
  • 1917 - Moved to Chicago, Il
  • 1927 - Quit high-school, worked in vaudville, local theater and was a barker in an amusement park
  • 1930 - appeared in "Fu Manchu", a network radio series
  • 1936 - Host on "First Nighter" intro-ducing the 'little theatre just off time square'
  • 1943 - Became Nick Charles in "The Thin Man", hosted "The Radio Readers' Digest" and "The Hallmark Hall of Fame"
  • Hosted "The Tremaynes" with Alice Reinhardt, his 2nd wife
  • 1949 - Debuted on broadway play "Detective Story" lasting 18 months
  • Appeared in TV in the 50's
        One Man's Family
        The Adventures of Ellery Queen
        Perry Mason
       Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  • Appeared in movies in 50's & 60's
       The Racket
       Francis Goes To West Point
       Blue Veil
       War of the Worlds (Major General)
       I Love Melvin
      Susan Slept Here
      Forbidden Planet (narrator)
      North By Northwest (auctioneer)
      The Story of Ruth
      The Galant Hours
      Gold Finger (Radio Newsman)
      And many, many more
  • 1980's - Prepared "Please Stand By: A History of Radio" (30 half-hour programs) college course
  • 1995 - Elected to Radio Hall of Fame
  • 2003 - Les Tremayne died in Santa Monica, CA

To listen to a snippet of Les Tremayne, click on the link below to go to his Hall of Fame page.  Click on the Play button on the old radio to hear his voice.  Link: LTHoF   





                Ozzie and Harriet Nelson 

  • Stage Name: Harriet Hilliard
  • Married Name: Harriet Nelson
  • Given Name: Peggy Lou Snyder
  • Birth: 07/18/1909
  • Birth Place: Des Moines, IA
  • Death: 10/04/1994
  • Death Place: Laguna Beach, CA
  • Cause of Death: Congestive Heart Failure due to emphysema
  • Marrie Ozzie 10/08/1935
  • Children: David & Ricky
  • Notable Radio Programs:
  •      Red Skelton Show (41 - 44)
  •      Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet   (44 - 54)
  • Notable Life Events:
  •      Harriet was a singer and actress
  •      Married bandleader Ozzie Nelson in 1935
  •      David was born in 1936
  •      Ricky was born in 1940
  •      The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet started in 1944
  •      Tommy Bernard & Henry Blair played their sons until 1949
  •      In 1949, David & Ricky joined their parents on the program
  •      In 1951, the family appeared in movie "Here Come the Nelsons"
  •      In 1952, the program moved to TV
  •      Son Ricky became a teen celebrity singer. Hits included Travlin' Man, Hello Mary Lou, etc.
  •      In 1985, son Ricky died in plane crash on New Years Eve
  •      Son David was a TV director and actor
  •      In 1973, Harriet & Ozzie starred in TV series "Ozzie's Girls"
  •      In 1975, Ozzie Nelson died

To listen to one of several Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, click this link:  AOH


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